Top 9 Bathroom Tile Ideas for 2022

Top 9 Bathroom

In terms of home decoration and renovation, the bathroom is one of the first areas people focus on. As such, how you design your bathroom walls and flooring can influence the rest of the home. 

Do you opt for a brighter tile for a cleaner look or a darker color to provide a more elegant aesthetic? Is a simple pattern more your style, or would you prefer the tile to mimic some other type of material?

Here are some of the top bathroom tile ideas you’ll see in 2022. 

1. Gray Bathroom Tile Idea

Gray is one of the safest bathroom tile ideas to opt for, as it creates a neat and calming environment. There are many tones you can choose from, so you’ll want to be careful not to try to match another color and fail. When in doubt, go for a strong contrast. 

The Aosta wall mosaic is one option that goes great as a kitchen backsplash or as a wall accent. Each sheet is comprised of glass, natural stone, and chrome dividing chips with a mesh backing. 

2. White Bathroom Tile Idea

The color white helps to create a sense of cleanliness and simplicity. It’s a great option if you like seeing a clean bathroom. White bathroom floor tiles also go well with just about any other decoration or color scheme. 

If you want an off-white flooring that resembles wood, check out the Ikon Birch Wood Look. It resembles Birchwood but is made out of rectified porcelain. As such, you can expect this option to have both slip and water resistance. 

3. White and Black Bathroom Tile Idea

A monochromatic color scheme helps to make a space pop without the need for any bright colors. You can use a black and white bathroom tile with white walls to make the room more interesting. There’s also the option of having your tile tie together other black and white accents throughout your bathroom. 

The Andria Backsplash is a small format glass tile that comes with alternating white, black, and chrome tile chips. It makes for a great backsplash on your bathroom wall and cleans easily. 

4. Natural Stone Idea

Natural stone flooring provides a look of luxury and quality to any room it’s in. In some cases, homeowners can expect to pay over $40 per square foot for specialty marble. However, there are some more affordable options without breaking the bank. 

Bianco Pietra is a mosaic tile made up of various shapes and sizes of natural flat stone. It has a smooth finish and a high-quality mesh for a seamless interlocking design. Use it on your accent walls as well as your shower’s floor and walls. 

5. Brick Idea

Brick patterns are often used to help give a room a more rural and manmade aesthetic. However, that doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing elegance by installing some in your bathroom. 

For example, Astoria Bricks feature glass natural stone with accent glass chips. The colors and glass help to capture light and brighten up an area. They’re suitable for walls in wet areas due to their materials.

6. Circles Idea

When most people think of circles, they imagine a polka dot pattern. However, there are some patterns of tile that come with a varying array of ovals. A circular stone or glass tile pattern can end up looking more like natural stones, which aren’t cut into perfect rectangles and squares in the wild. 

The Black Hearts Marble tile is one option made up of a mix of black, white, and gray marble stone cut into rounded triangles. 

7. Hexagon Idea

Hexagonal, or honeycomb, patterns add a cool, sleek aesthetic to any space they’re in. They provide a distinct look apart from other more common patterns, such as checkers or stripes. Use them as an accent piece on your bathroom wall or to spice up your flooring. 

The Azulejo Hexagon is a great hexagon tile wall accent that comes with blue and white motifs. It’s made of recycled glass to resemble the famous Azulejo tiles of the Mediterranean. 

8. Porcelain Tile Idea

When considering a tile material, porcelain always makes for a good choice. It’s made from dense clay and fired at a higher temperature to create a more durable tile than ceramic. You can also expect porcelain to resist water better.

It’s strong and resistant to wear and tear. You can put it on floors and walls in any room. 

The only drawback is that porcelain will cost more and isn’t DIY-friendly. However, it will last longer than other options.  Check out our Equipe Tile collection 

9. Wood Vinyl Idea

Wood adds a lot of warmth and texture to any room. It’s one of the most desired materials for your floor for good reason. However, it doesn’t always hold up to moisture unless you opt for the pricier options. 

Luxury vinyl flooring can help scratch that itch to add wood by mimicking its appearance. It’s waterproof, stain and scratch-resistant, and extra durable. 

Pick Your Bathroom Tiles for 2022

The bathroom tile ideas you go for can influence its overall style and aesthetic. Black and white can give your bathroom a sleek and sophisticated appearance. A splash of color can liven up the space, though. 

Mosaics4You has over ten years of experience in the tile industry. We have mosaics, porcelain tile, luxury vinyl flooring, and more. Contact us to learn about our inventory or ask any questions. 


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