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These long-lasting and durable tiles come in a variety of material options which include porcelain, glass, natural stone, ceramic, and metal materials. You can check out a huge range of mosaic tiles in our online shop with varying styles and patterns, you're sure to find your pick. Mosaics4you has tile collections that suit all budgets and styles; we're confident you'll find the right tile at the best price with us.


Mosaics4you is a family owned mom and pop shop specialized in the mosaic and tile industry. We are based in Miami, Florida, with our services reaching all over the United States of America. We observed that customers are limited to old and low quality product and we decided to bring in items we thought the public would actually love. We carefully curated our collection to have a little bit of everything for everyone. We are proud to provide such great quality and variety to our customers and help them transform spaces into something extraordinary.

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Features of mosaic tile

Durable and easy to maintain

durable mosaic tile

Mosaic tiles are resistant to organic and inorganic chemicals. That’s why these tiles are easy to be used in kitchen and bath because of their durability. Their non-porous material makes them a breeze to clean, just wipe away with a soft towel and soap and they'll be good as new!

environmentally sustainable mosaic tiles

environmentally sustainable mosaic tiles

All of our mosaics are made using natural materials such as natural stone and ceramic which are easily recyclable. Moreover, we have a range of mosaics made from recycled glass. Just another way to make the tile industry more sustainable.

Versatile and flexible design


Mosaic tile comes with many patterns, colors, sizes and designs in multiple materials. These materials include glass, metal, porcelain, ceramic or natural stone to look appealing to the eye. They further come with classification of types for bathroom, floor, kitchen, pool and all other places where you can think to have a tile. With huge and vast range of mosaic tiles, you can easily pick the right one for your home or office.