Announcing our New Collection from Equipe Ceramicas!

by Arantxa Amaya on Nov 22, 2019

Announcing our New Collection from Equipe Ceramicas!

After months of planning and anticipation, we're very excited to announce the launch of our new line of products from Equipe Ceramicas!

Coming all the way from Spain, these ceramic and porcelain tiles are here to make their mark on American households. Ranging from the traditional subway style to more creative shapes like triangles and diamonds, Equipe has truly been reinventing the possibilities of interior design.

As we were picking the items we would showcase to the public, we really thought of what is trending in design world at the moment and what caught our attention the most. We spent many hours binging HGTV and reading design articles to give us the knowledge to successfully curate a collection that will appeal to the widest audience, and stay on trend.

What's even better about this collection is that for a lot of the tiles, there are so many possibilities of arranging them to create different patterns and designs. This line is truly created for those with an eye for design. With that being said, we encourage all of our customers to explore their inner interior designer and discover the possibilities with our new selection of tiles.

These tiles are already up for sale so measure out the square footage you need and get to shopping!

As always, if you have any questions feel free to email us at


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