5 Quick and Easy Renovation Ideas for the New Year 2020

by ARANTXA AMAYA on Dec 20, 2019

5 Quick and Easy Renovation Ideas for the New Year 2020

First and foremost, we want to wish a happy new year to everyone out there reading this. Now, we know with another year done and a new one ringing in, we reflect on what changes we can do in the new year to improve our lives and the things that surround us in our daily lives. For most, these changes focus on health and exercise which are all very important but also what about the spaces that we live in? Years go by and our homes rarely change slowly getting sadder by the year. With 2020 sounding in, let’s change things up a bit and give our homes some much needed love!

            What can you do to make an impactful difference in your home without costing you an arm and a leg? It’s the simple things we don’t think of that actually go a long way. For example, changing the backsplash in your kitchen or retiling your bathroom are often small areas that you can change quickly and for not a lot of money. The effect changes like these have on your home and on you are enormous! When you love a space in your house you feel happier being in it. End the days of staring at old cracked tile or boring empty wall space and cover it up with something that brightens up an area and your day. Love your home, don’t neglect it. Here are some quick renovation ideas you can start in the new year to start the year off strong!

  1. Install a new backsplash in your kitchen

Measure the area your new backsplash would go in to be completely sure of the square footage you need to cover the space but on average, kitchen backsplashes are usually around 30 sqft.

Carrara Bianco Hex- The "classic", cute one of the bunch.

Nordic Diamond Mix- Perfect for those who like neutral color pallettes

Alicante Crystal- Beautifully colored tile that are far from boring but also not too loud either.

  1. Retile your bathroom

I bet the tiles in your bathroom are begging to be changed! Many of us have outdated tiling from the 90s or 00s. We’re in 2020 so it’s time to start looking like it!

Rio Piedras- Pebbles in bathrooms instantly give the space a spa-feel. And since most of us don't go to the spa that often, let's make one at home.

Carrara Metro Brillo 3x12- You can never go wrong with subway tile. Especially when it has carrara marble detailing, it elevates the tile and the overall look of your bathroom.

Camelia Hexagon- This mosaic creates a very elegant look in any application, its' three color tones creates separation and unison at the same time.

  1. Update your fireplace

Depending on your style, you can take your fireplace from rustic to modern and anything in between. Also, most fire places don’t cover a lot of square footage so this is a cheap and quick renovation option!

Gelsomino- For a modern look with a touch of earthiness, consider using wood tile planks along the façade of your fire place.

Silverwood Marble Hex- This mosaic can go on the floor and be carried up the face of the fireplace for a continuous hexagon look.

Rhombus- mix and match these decorative porcelain tile from Spain for a mix of textured and smooth finishes.

  1. Give your laundry room some love!

Most laundry rooms look like a forgotten part of the house. Very plain and boring. Laundry is already boring enough as it is so give it some love by adding a backsplash!

Carrara Brillo Flat- For those who like a simple clean look.

Rimini Brick Glass- This glass mosaic comes in two sizes sure to make any room look great. The grey color may even match your washer and dryer ;)

  1. A mudroom that’s ready to take on some mud

Maybe… You can place tile on your mudroom floor for quick clean-up of all the outside messes! Pick from bigger or smaller format tiles- it’s all personal taste.

Carrara Hex Antislip- You guessed it, it’s antislip making it perfect for those rainy or icy days and porcelain material means its strong and durable.

Rabat Tumbled Grey- A tumbled mosaic that goes for that “rustic” look

QBert Stone- We’re going three-dimensional and the coolest tile for guests to see first in your home.


So for 2020, put in a little bit of time into your home and get a lot in return. Browse through our site if you need some design inspiration and shop around for any tile you need. It’s not hard to start the New Year off strong; Any of these 5 quick renovation ideas are sure to make it feel like a big change in your home. Get to it and look for the right tile for you!

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    Apr 23, 2020 at 14:32

    Yeah the Carrara Brillo Flat- is one of my favourites, has a nice and simple clean look. If you want to get some of these ideas come to life, give us a call at, but great work on the post, really enjoyed these tips.


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