8 Glass Tile Backsplash Design Ideas

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Are you redoing your kitchen or bathroom space? If so, you probably haven’t overlooked the fact that you need cabinetry, countertops, and lighting fixtures.

But have you given any thought to what glass backsplash you want to add to the room?

Adding a backsplash is a great way to create finishing touches in your space! Read on to learn about different backsplash options you can!

1. Matte Monochrome

If you have a kitchen that gets a lot of sun during the day, you may want to stick with more of a matte finish kitchen backsplash, so it doesn’t deflect the light and shine too brightly.

Along with a matte finish, you can make the tile backsplash a color that matches the cabinetry to go for a monochrome look. This allows for the rest of the kitchen to stand out more so than the backsplash, while the backsplash still adds to the design of the kitchen.

2. Color Combination 

If you do not want your kitchen backsplash to blend in with the cabinets, you can keep it simple and elegant with a warm touch, while still making it stand out, with a color combination backsplash. This is one of the more popular backsplash options for kitchens.

The color combination backsplash uses colors that go with one another and matches the kitchen, but usually creates more of a brick overlay look – a classic.

3. Use Tall Tile Glass Backsplash 

While both matte monochrome or a color combination backsplash would look great in a kitchen and even the bathroom, a tall tile glass is a great option for a bathroom backsplash.

Instead of just setting this behind the sink and the counter space, you can have the glass tiles go all the way up to the ceiling for a unique look. It gives the bathroom walls a pinstripe design, and the tiles can come in various colors so you can match the bathroom vibe you want.

4. Use an Arabesque Design 

There are so many different backsplash designs to choose from, but the arabesque design is a traditional look that adds to any space.

You can style this design in pretty much any way that you feel fits your space.

If you are more into the traditional look, you can choose a white arabesque pattern to complement your simple kitchen that most likely has neutral colors like whites, light blues, or tans. If you have a modern kitchen, you can choose to use white subway tiles that are complemented with black arabesque tiles in the center, potentially bringing these tiles all the way up the wall to the upper cabinets.

Another idea for a modern kitchen design is to use glass tiles with an arabesque design but mix up the colors in different areas. For instance, you may stick with a white backsplash behind the stove but put a gray backsplash in the other counter areas.

5. Mosaic Tiles

When choosing backsplash patterns, mosaic tiles are always in style. These usually come in various colors.

You can choose to have all the same tone or go with different colors. However, the mosaic tiles are smaller than traditional subway tiles.

These are great in bathrooms since they are typically a smaller space, which the mosaic tiles can complement. 

6. Backsplash That Shines

Are you looking for a way that makes your kitchen a bit brighter? Or maybe you’re looking to make it a bit showier and shinier than a more traditional kitchen?

Well, to do this, you can take a glass backsplash and mix a glass metal into it. This creates a mirror effect to brighten the space.

It’s best to not stick with just the glass metal as that would be a lot in one area, but mixing it up in a random pattern with glass will create the perfect shine. It also adds a bit of color to the space depending on the glass tiles you choose to mix it with!

You also don’t have to stick with a random pattern – you can create whatever patterns you want! You can also choose the shape of the glass and metal tiles as well.

7. Hexagonal Design

Another design that you could try out in any type of kitchen – modern, traditional, or classic – is a hexagonal design. This design would look good in any of those kitchens while also bringing another element to them.

With the hexagonal designs, you can also choose from one color, neutral tones, similar shades of any color (like multiple blues), or more of a mix of colors.

Here are a few ideas for hexagonal designs:

  • For a beach house – a mix of grays and blues 
  • For a farmhouse – a mix of neutral colors, possibly a mix of stone and glass 
  • For a modern kitchen – one tone with different design elements

8. Classic Subway Tiles

And, of course, there are always the classic subway tiles that you can choose to use as your backsplash. This is a simple but timeless classic that is in style and won’t go out of style any time soon.

You can choose from a variety of colors as well as different sizes depending on the area. These look great in both kitchens and bathrooms.

Tile Backsplash Options

Putting together your new backsplash can really complement the kitchen or bathroom space that you are designing. But you’ll have to choose which design you want to go for to complete the look of your space.

With these backsplash options, you’ll have a beautiful kitchen in no time!

Ready to get started with your backsplash? Check out our glass tile options!


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